Parametric Patterning

I started by watching this parametric tutorial from the Parametric House website. It is an excellent source for learning Grasshopper and parametric modeling.

In previous assignments, I tried to absorb all the steps and tools in order to maximize my understanding of the Grasshopper interface. In this project, there were so many steps that I simply followed along and replicated the steps of the tutorial. For a learning strategy, I am at a point of knowing enough novice information to keep up with tutorials so I am going to focus on doing more tutorials and rendering as many products as possible.

In a short summary of this project, I created a panel design that can be manipulated by moving sliders to alter the design. This allowed me to create variations of a pattern in a 3D form that could be used for 3D graphics, CNC milling, or printing. I also created a flattened form that could be used for laser cutting or printing on a sticker.

Here are a few renders of the different designs:

Illustrator & Designer at CMCI Studio